8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

One of the prime tools and targets of political powers – whether legitimate or otherwise, inspired by ideology or economic considerations – has been social reorganization through the reconfiguration of the lived, mental and representative spaces. Top-down strategies of spatial renewal, regeneration and annihilation have induced currents with and against the imagineered visions. Within this theme we welcome papers that investigate discourses and practices of redefinition, commodification, elimination and contestations (a.o.) centered around Culture and Arts in the wider sense of the terms.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Resistance and social reclaiming across spatial scales; Rooted cosmopolitanisms as radical reversal; Transgressive expressions, identities and lifestyles; diasporic hybridities and postmigrant artistic engagement; High-art and architectural commodification of space; Ideological narratives, othering and spatial enclosures; Employment of art and the ‘creative class’ as tools and mediums of redevelopment and renewal.




1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

2 | Articulations and spaces of capitalism

3 | Migration, Mobility and Displacement

4 | Nature, Society and Environmental Change

5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

7 | Geography and matter / materiality

8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

9 | Knowledge Production, Education and Epistemic Agendas