7 | Geography and matter / materiality

Although familiar and fundamental to geography, the notions of matter and materiality are increasingly being invoked in our and other disciplines. This theme seeks to bring together theoretical and empirical work that looks critically at recent engagements with matter / materiality as a way to explore the possibilities these approaches offer for creating more emancipatory geographies.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Materialist approaches to materiality, the materiality of inequality and dispossession, materiality in urban studies, materiality and power, vital materialisms, more than human geographies, the politics of urban assemblages, assemblage theory and methods, assemblage theory for strategic political action, socio-technical and socio-natural geographies, urban metabolisms, de-centering agency, materializing political ecology, technopolitics and expert knowledge, emancipatory materialities, race, gender and class matter(s), etc.




1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

2 | Articulations and spaces of capitalism

3 | Migration, Mobility and Displacement

4 | Nature, Society and Environmental Change

5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

7 | Geography and matter / materiality

8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

9 | Knowledge Production, Education and Epistemic Agendas