6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

“Development” Geographies have played an important role in critical geography discourse since the dependence theory. Nevertheless – even after decades of discussion on how to measure “development”, the NGOization of the world, the claimed neutrality of UN organizations the celebration of “development goals” and the rise of “transition” countries like “Asian Tigers” or latest the the “BRICS” or  concepts of post- and de-development – the perspective on “development” seems to still be very much driven by the old ex-colonial, eurocentric, first-world discourse while perspectives from as opposed to analyses of the ‘global south’ are rare or seldom heard. Therefore we want to specifically encourage scholars and participants from the ‘global south’ to present their perspective on “development”.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Perspectives on “Development”, Is “Development” measurable?, Aid & Donors, “Development Intevention”, “Development Industries” / Privatization of “Development”, NGO’s & GONGO’s, Post-Development, De-Development, “The ‘global South’ in transition.”




1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

2 | Articulations and spaces of capitalism

3 | Migration, Mobility and Displacement

4 | Nature, Society and Environmental Change

5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

7 | Geography and matter / materiality

8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

9 | Knowledge Production, Education and Epistemic Agendas