5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

From the Gaza to Ferguson, USA, Delhi to Uganda racialized, gendered and queer bodies are on the frontlines of contemporary crisis. This theme seeks to map the production and reproduction of marked bodies and extend theorizations of individual and collective corporealities within spatial, economic and social circuits. Tracking historical and topographic continuities, and corporeal constructions we probe the problematics and possibilities of the body in the contemporary political moment.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Corporeality in crisis and contestation, Bodily intersections/ assemblages of race, gender and sexuality, Primitive Accumulation and the body, Materializing theorizations of the body in space and time, Production and reproduction of corporeality, Body as target – war and urban contest, Blackness, body and the afterlives of slavery, Racialized re-segregations, containments and displacements, Decolonizing the body, Structural violence, marked bodies and everyday life, Queer assemblages and the national body, The Erotic – problematics and possibilities, Carceral geographies, The Body at the limits of capital, space and the social, Religion and bodily exile.




1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

2 | Articulations and spaces of capitalism

3 | Migration, Mobility and Displacement

4 | Nature, Society and Environmental Change

5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

7 | Geography and matter / materiality

8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

9 | Knowledge Production, Education and Epistemic Agendas