1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

Under this theme we invite proposals presenting new perspectives on theories, discourses and practices of imperialism and colonialism; particularly those expounding on the transition in forms, understanding and dynamics through and beyond geographies of radical activism and revolutionary initiatives. The rise of authoritarian nation-states and populist right wing ideologies highlights the need for further exploration of past, current and potential future roles of global and regional powers; alongside to their methods of mobilisation and operation.

Topics may include: Colonial, anti-colonial, and post-colonial legacies and contestations, Colonial cities/urbanism, Settler colonialism past and present, Apartheid across borders and epochs, Social movements, activism and revolutionary movements, New transnational/ cross-border fertilization and connectedness of national movements, Securitization and privatization of urban planning principles, Militarization of urban space, borders and protest, Land grabs and temporary permanence of new settler colonialisms, Urbicide, urban warfare, and urban renewal, Rise of the radical right vs. precarious radicalism, Geopolitics, Biopolitics, War on terror, Indigeneity, New regional configurations – MERCOSUR, APEC.




1 | Imperial, Colonial, Postcolonial and Anti-colonial geographies

2 | Articulations and spaces of capitalism

3 | Migration, Mobility and Displacement

4 | Nature, Society and Environmental Change

5 | Mapping Bodies, Corporeality and Violence

6 | Critical “Development” Geographies: perspectives from the Global South

7 | Geography and matter / materiality

8 | Remaking Space through Ideology, Culture, and Arts

9 | Knowledge Production, Education and Epistemic Agendas